9 may till 27 july '19
Daems van Remoortere – Ayrton Eblé - Jef Meyer – Timothy Segers
Thursday 9 May
17 Sint-Jacobstraat Antwerp
7pm to 10pm
The exhibition runs until 27 July 2019
17 Sint-Jacobstraat Antwerp
Thursday-Saturday 1pm-6pm
During the Antwerp Art Weekend, Callewaert Vanlangendonck Gallery will present five young artists who redefine abstract art, according to each artist's insights and gifts. The exhibition has not so much modified or challenged the definition of abstract art, as it has let a new generation of abstract artists work together and challenge their own ideas in accordance withthat of peers.  By doing so the audience will experience an interesting dialogue between abstract artworks conceived from research into light and gravity (Daems van Remoortere), visiting building sites and unfinished locations on a weekly basis (Eyrton Eblé), works made in concrete with “found” molds (Jef Meyer) and steel and plastic sculptures conceived by iPad drawings (Timothy Segers). The exhibition is curated by the artists themselves.